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Routine Lesson 1

Scenario: the data source does not have division and we need to derive it from material which exists in the datasource. Populate the cube with the division.
Division needs to be derived from material as division is not retrieved from the datasource and the division needs to be derived from material using the /BI0/PMATERIAL table. wa_th_material is an internal table derived from a work area which is wa_material and wa_material is a work area derived from the structure t_material
since t_material has material and division as the 2 fields and this is read into a work area wa_material using a key which is the -material i.e. the material that is loaded into the end routine of the transformation.
Start Routine: use a SELECT statement to load the internal table.
if wa_th_material[] is initial.
*Load Division by material
Select material division
into table wa_th_material
where objvers = ‘A’.
End Routine: use a READ statement and read the internal table populated in the start routine into a work area using a KEY. If data is found make the data found equal to the end routine field.
read table wa_th_material
into wa_material
with table key material = -material.
if sy-subrc = 0.
-division = wa_material-division.
BEGIN OF t_material,
material TYPE /BI0/OImaterial,
division TYPE /BI0/OIdivision,
END OF t_material,
data: wa_th_material TYPE HASHED TABLE OF t_material WITH UNIQUE KEY material,
data: wa_material type t_material,

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