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Routine Lesson 2

Scenario: cube needs a customer number and the datasource does not provide the customer number. The datasource however contains the country code such as DE,FR etc. based on the country code a particular customer number is assigned for eg: for DE it is DE01J45 and for FR it is FR023J4. This customer number needs to be populated in the cube.
In this scenario the transformation from the DSO to the cube is worked on where the start routine is coded to load a data element from a standard table with a field in the standard table as a reference. This is then used in the END routine with a CASE statement and the  RESULT_FIELDS are loaded accordingly.
Code snippet:
select single low from ZBW_CONSTANT_TAB
into g_de_billto
where vnam = ‘JV_DE_BILLTO’.
Code snippet:
case -/bic/zjvsource.
when ‘DE’.
-Ship_to = g_de_billto.
-Sold_to = g_de_billto.
-billtoprty = g_de_billto.
-payer = g_de_billto
end case.
case <RESULT_FIELDS>-/bic/zjvsource.
                                                         when ‘DE’.
                                                 <RESULT_FIELDS>-Ship_to    = g_de_billto.
                                                <RESULT_FIELDS>-Sold_to    = g_de_billto.
                                                <RESULT_FIELDS>-billtoprty = g_de_billto.
                                                <RESULT_FIELDS>-payer      = g_de_billto
end case.

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