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Decimal Issues in BI

  • If the data type is NUMC negatives will not be read in the PSA, hence use DEC and format = External to make sure the negatives are shown.
  • Try changing the Field Separator in the DS Extraction tab Data Separator as ,(Comma) and Escape sign as 
  • If the flat file value is 100.2222 but decimal place given as 2 then PSA gets the value as 100.22
    If you have more decimal values in the flat file value try to increase decimal places itself in the flat file if you need it in PSA.
  • The original file is always stored in the text format and you can access it by opening the file in NOTEPAD.
  • If the number in the field is defined as NUMC and the number starts with 0 DO NOT save as CSV when opening the csv file. Always open it as notepad.
  • If the flat file data when opened in notepad show  in this format ( 23.123) for a negative number which is -23.123 make sure the format in the data source is EXTERNAL, DEC and a certain decimal value and change the ( ) in the flat file to a negative number like  -23.123. This will solve the problem.
  • Sometime # symbol can be a problem; use character set 1100 instead of default entry.
  • if you need more than the standard number of decimals, change the domain for the key figure in table RSDKYF and supply your own domain. See note 460652 in this regard.

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