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CO-PA Extraction

CO-PA Extraction

Step 1: Log on to R/3

1. In the command area type /nSBIW. This takes you to the Dispay IMG screen.

2. The next step is to generate the DataSource. For this follow the path:
Business Information Warehouse ---> Settings for Application-Specific DataSources --->
Profitability Analysis ---> Create DataSource. Click on it to create a DataSource.

3. You will be taken to the CO-PA / SAP BW: DataSource for Transaction Data Screen.
DataSource : 1_CO_PA_800_GPK
Operating Concern = BGIS
Check Costing-Based

4. Now click the EXECUTE button.

5. The next step is to select the Characteristics and the Key Figures. All the grayed once
are mandatory and are included in the COPA.
    Short Text : COPA for 800_GPK
    Medium Text : COPA for 800_GPK
    Long Text : COPA for 800_GPK
    Field Name for Partitioning : LAND1

6. Select the Calculated Key Figures from the Key Figure Scheme, like the once in the next
screen shot. Now click on the InfoCatalog icon available on the toolbar or F7.

7. Now you see a small window pops up.
    Package : Z_TRAIN

8. After clicking the save button, another window pops up

Click the TICK mark.

9. The next screen is DataSource: Customer Version Edit. Here with respect to your
concern check the boxes.

10. Now in the tool bar, you see a icon to SAVE. So click the icon SAVE. A small window
pops up, stating

Click the YES BUTTON.

11. The next screen is InfoObject <--> Field Assignment. Check the selection fields of you project choice.

12. Click the SAVE button on the toolbar. Now click the BACK Button. You see a small
window pop up.

13. Now click on the Tick Mark.

14. Now click the icon GENERATE available on the toolbar.

15. Now click on the Back Button.

16. Click the back button, once again.

16. In the command field type /nRSA3. This is used to check the extraction.
DataSource = 1_CO_PA_800_GPK
Click the Extraction Button

Step 2: Log on to the BW Server

1. Now the DataSource has to be replicated. For this follow the path
Source Systems ---> EPC Client 800 ---> BW DataSources ---> SAP Application
Components ---> Controlling ---> Profitability Analysis

2. You don’t find the DataSource 1_CO_PA_800_GPK, as the DataSource is not replicated.
So right click the mouse pointer and select the option “Replicate DataSource

3. Now try to find the DataSource 1_CO_PA_800_GPK.
4. The next step is to “Assign InfoSource”. For this, select 1_CO_PA_800_GPK, right click
the mouse pointer and select the option “Assign DataSources

5. A small window pops up.

6. Click the TICK mark.

7. Click the Yes Button

8. Now check the transfer rules and the communication structure.

9. Click on the Activate Button to activate the InfoSource.

10. Now you are supposed to create an InfoArea. Follow the path:
InfoProvider ---> InfoProvider

11. Right click the mouse pointer and select the option “Create InfoArea”

InfoArea = GPK_COPA
Description = InfoArea for 0CO_PA_800_GPK

12. Now place the mouse pointer on GPK_COPA InfoArea and select the option
“Create InfoCube.

13. Click the create button.

14. Click on the InfoSource, select the InfoSource 1_CO_PA_800_GPK.

15. You see that all the Characteristics and Key Figures are mapped.

16. Now click on the ACTIVATE button to activate the InfoCube.

17. The next step is to create the Update Rules.

18. Click on the TICK Mark.

19. Now check that everything is mapped.

20. Click the Activate Button.

21. Now you need to Load the data into the InfoCube. For this you need to create an

22. Follow the path:
      InfoSource ---> Controlling ---> 1_CO_PA_800_GPK



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