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Snapshot Scenario on Stock Data with APD

Hi to all!

I recently was asked to share my knowledge of how to implement a snapshot scenario on stock data out of 0IC_C03 with Analysis Process Designer (APD) and here are the steps to take with screen shots of how the objects are implemented in our BW system (7.0) since 2009. All general information about the different approaches for analyzing stock data with cumulative and non-cumulative key figures are perfectly explained in the document "How to Handle Inventory Management Scenarios in BW (NW2004)" and therefore will not be mentioned in this blog of mine here.

Snapshot Scenario with APD on Stock Data of 0IC_C03
  1. Create Query for selecting the data out of 0IC_C03 that you want to have in snapshot CubeP01 Query.pngP02 Query.png
  2. Implement a DSO (type: direct update) for the data of your snapshot queryP03 DSO.png
  3. Implement an analysis process with APD (transaction RSANWB) and include an ABAP routine and transformation for mapping source and target fields:P04 APD.pngP05 APD.pngP06 APD.png
  4. Execute the analysis process to insert data to your DSO; Result log:P07 APD.png
  5. Implement a standard InfoCube and a dataflow from DSO to InfoCubeP08 InfoCube.pngP09 DataFlow.pngP10 UpdateRule.pngP11 UpdateRule.png
  6. You can update your DSO and InfoCube by Process ChainP12 ProcessChain.png
ProcessChain: Program to start APD:
P13 ProcessChain.png
ProcessChain: InfoPackage to load data from DSO to InfoCube with OLAP variable for selection of current week:
P14 ProcessChain.png



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