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BI Data Loading Basics

Info package load
When the info package load is running check the following:
Use tcode: RSMON > click on Load Data > check the status.Use “Refresh all” to refresh the data being loaded. Click on the data source and hit the “manage PSA” button and determine the load status. Check the PSA table for the data source and determine the data load.
use tcode: SM50 to check the BGD processes that are running.
Use tcode: SM37 to determine whether the job is being scheduled and check the job details and the job logs to determine the status.
DSO load
When DSO load is running check the following:
Use the monitor for the DTP and check the status for the data load. check the “Error Stack” button and determine if there are any errors.Use tcode RSMON > click on monitors > Data Store Objects > search the DSO.
Determine whether the 2 fields: last loading request ID and activated upto request iD. If there are no numbers in the “activated up to request ID” column then hit the Activate button at the right…When you activate the DSO i.e. the active tables you can check 3 places to determine the status of the flow. First obtain the job that is displayed the moment you hit the start button while activating the DSO and go to SM37 and check the job status….check the status and keep refreshing it until it says FINISHED. The same time check SM50 and look at the BGD processes that are running under your name and keep refreshing until the BGD process stops running..then you know that the data has been completely loaded…when the DTP is used to load data to the DSO you can always check the DTP monitor and determine the status of the load.

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