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SAP ETL FI-SL Questions (Part - 11)


229. 4 Functions to Update data in the FI-SL Special Purpose Ledger:
a. Validation
b. Substitution
c. Ledger Selection
d. Transfer of Fields
230. 4 Operations for FI-SL Data:
a. Currency Translation
b. Balance Carryforward
c. Allocation
d. Roll Up Ledgers
231. 5 tables that are created when an FI-SL table group is created:
a. Summary Table (...T)
b. Actual Line Item Tables (…A)
c. Plan Line Item Tables (…P)
d. ObjectTable_1 (Object / Partner) (…O)
e. Optional ObjectTable_2 (Movement Attribute) (…C)
BW - V3 Update... which function domain
RMBWV302 Purchasing
RMBWV303 Inventory
RMBWV304 Shopfloor controlling
RMBWV305 Quality
RMBWV308 Shipment
RMBWV311 Sales
RMBWV312 Shipping
RMBWV313 Billing
RMBWV317 Notifications
RMBWV318 Notifications
RMBWV340 Retailing
RMBWV343 POS - cashier
RMBWV344 POS - Sales Receipt
RMBWV345 Agency business



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