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SAP ETL CO-PA Questions (Part -10)


208. What is partitioning characteristic in CO-PA used for?
 For easier parallel search and load of data.
209. What is the advantage of BW reporting on CO-PA data compared with directly running the queries on CO-PA?
 BW has a better performance advantage over reporting in R/3. For a huge amount of data, the R/3 reporting tool is at a serious disadvantage because R/3 is modeled as an OLTP system and is good for transaction processing rather than analytical processing.
210. Can we extract hierarchies from R/3 for CO-PA?
 No, we cannot, there are no hierarchies in CO/PA.
211. Explain the field name for partitioning in CO-PA.
 The CO/PA partitioning is used to decrease package size (eg: company code)
212. What is t-code for CO-PA?
 KEB0
213. What is operating concern in CO-PA?
 An organizational structure that combines controlling areas together in the same way as controlling areas group companies together.
214. What is field partitioning in CO-PA?
 Internally allocates space in database. If needed table resides in one or few partitions, then only these partitions will be selected and examined by SQL statement, thereby significantly reducing I/O volume.
215. Is CO-PA delta capable?
 Yes, CO-PA is delta capable.
216. What is operating concern and partitioning in CO-PA.
 Operating concern is set of characteristics based on which we want to analyze the performance of company. Partitioning is dividing the data into different datasets depending on a certain characteristics. Partitioning enables parallel access of data.
217. What is the difference between value fields and key figures in CO-PA?
 Value fields comprises of data which CO-PA gets from various modules in R/3. Whereas key figures are derived from these value fields.



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