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SAP ETL BEx Reporting Questions (Part -12)

BEx Reporting

232. What are Structures?
a. They are a combination of characteristics and Key figures (Basic Key Figures, Calculated Key Figures (CKF) and Restricted Key Figures(RKF))
233. What does the term CELL mean?
a. The term CELL in the function of Defining Exception Cells is the intersection of the two structure elements.
234. 4 Different types of Variables:
a. Text
b. Formula
c. Hierarchy
d. Hierarchy Node Variables
o Variable Hierarchy Node with a fixed Hierarchy
o Variable Hierarchy Node with a variable Hierarchy
235. 5 Variable processing types:
a. User Entry / Default Value
b. Replacement Path
c. Authorization
d. Customer Exit
e. SAP Exit
236. When we run the query at query run time the wrong data has come for one key figure, what might be the problem?
a. If the Key figure is Calculated Key Figures (CKF), check the formula. If it is a regular key figure, check the respective values in the InfoProvider. If the values are incorrect, need to check the update rules & transfer rules. If they are correct in the InfoProvider, then do check the source system table, maybe they are captured in correctly in the Source System level itself.
237. When we run query at run time it is not displaying one key figure values what could be the problem?
 Check if InfoProvider has values for the same. If yes, then check the formula incase of CKFs or check the selection parameters/filters etc in query.
238. Suppress the unit from displaying on the BEX Report
 Go into the query where your key figure is.
 Right click on key figures in the column section.
 Select New Formula
 Name the New Formula, Actual Qty
 In the function column expand Data Functions & select value w/o dimension.
 NODIM() will appear in the formula. Click on your key figure actual qty from the operand list.
 Hide your key figure in the query and display this new one (unit free)
239. I have a requirement where in, in the BEx Report I have to display the date when the report was run i.e. the Current date. Do I have to make use of VB code for that or is there a simple solution for that. Any Suggestions?
 You can use Variable (type: SAP exit) for the same i.e., 0DAT (current calendar day- which will be picked up from System date)
 I'm not sure if u have to do something in BW for that, but I have on my reports after they have been run, gone to the File Menu, then chosen Page Setup, then Header/Footer, click the Custom Footer button, then I'd select my date and time to appear on the Right section of the page at the bottom. I've also then saved the workbook as such and that date remained there.
 Have you tried using Text elements in the report? If you click on the "Layout" button, you can then select "Display text elements" and then "General". This puts in a number of elements into the report (workbook) The one you're looking for is a text element called "Last refreshed". It records the last time the report was refreshed (i.e. the last time it was run).
240. Assume that there is 5 years of data to be loaded as per the client requirement we need a key figure in the reporting. How to get historical data to that key figure? Is it possible to load only the current data instead of loading historical data for a key figure?
 When you load, just load it for 5 years. If you want to see just a current data in the Key Figure just create a Restricted Key Figure (RKF) with fiscal year (current) or posting period with your current value.
241. When to report from R/3 and when from BW?
 We can Report from R/3 for all operational needs that are based on the transaction data. The optimum use of BW is to analyze the data from tactical and strategic point of view.



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