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SAP ETL ASAP Questions (Part - 9)


227. What are the project phases in ASAP?
a. Project Preparation: We do a conceptual review at this initial phase.
b. Business Blue Print: We Collect Functional Specs and conduct a design review.
c. Realization: All the Developmental activities are done during this phase and we have a configuration review.
d. Final Presentation: All the QA and other final activities are done before moving to production. We do a performance review.
e. Go-Live and Support: To production and support
228. What is ASAP methodology
a. ASAP is a standard methodology for efficiently implementing and continually optimizing the SAP software. ASAP supports the implementation of the R/3 System and of Components, and can also be used for upgrade projects. It provides a wide range of tools that helps in all stages of implementation project - from project planning to the continual improvement of the SAP System. The two key tools in ASAP are: The Implementation Assistant, which contains the ASAP Roadmap, and provides a structured framework for your implementation, optimization or upgrade project. The Question & Answer database (Q&Adb), allows you to set your project scope and generate your Business Blueprint using the SAP Reference Structure as a basis.



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