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SAP ETL Process Chains Questions (Part - 8)

Process Chains

219. What are the load process and post processing?
a. InfoPackage
b. Read PSA and update data target
c. Save hierarchy
d. Update ODS data object
e. Data Export (Open Hub)
f. Delete overlapping requests
220. What are the data target administration tasks?
a. Delete Index
b. Generate Index
c. Construct database statistics
d. Initial fill of new aggregates
e. Roll up of filled aggregates
f. Compression of InfoCube
g. Activate ODS
221. What are the parallel processes that could have locking problems?
a. Hierarchy attribute change run
b. Loading master data for same InfoObject
c. Rolling up for same InfoCube
d. Selecting deletion of InfoCube / ODS and parallel loading
e. Activation or deletion of ODS object when loading parallel
222. How would you convert an InfoPackage group into a process chain?
a. Double click on the InfoPackage group
b. Click on the “Process Chain Maintenance” button
c. Type in the name and description. Individual InfoPackages are inserted automatically
223. What is a process chain and how you use it?
a. A process chain is a sequence of processes that are scheduled to wait in the background for an event. Some of these processes trigger a separate event that can, in turn, start other processes.
b. In one of our scenario we wanted to upload wholesale price InfoObject which will have wholesale price for all the material. Then we wanted to load transaction data. While loading transaction data to populate wholesale price, there was a look up in the update rule on this InfoObject Master Data table. This dependency of first uploading Master Data and then uploading transaction data was done through the process chain.
224. What is a Meta Chain?
a. Process chains which are clubbed together are called a Meta Chain. Each sub chain is triggered only when the previous Process Chain is successful.
225. What is process chain? How many types are there? How many we use in real time scenario?
 Process Chains can define interdependent processes with tasks like data loading, InfoCube compression, index maintenance, Master Data & ODS activation in the best possible performance & data integrity. Process Chains exist in administrator work bench. Using these we can automate ETTL processes. They help to schedule all activities and monitor (T-Code: RSPC).



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