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DTP load from cube to cube keeps running - Real Time Scenario

SAP BW 7.3.

I have transported from our quality system to our production system a flow for loading a cube1 into a backup cube2 using DTP.

When  i execute the DTP in production the DTP keeps running (status yellow). The amount of data is not so great: 6 packages x 30.000 records. The load keeps running after the execution of "Updating to InfoCube ZPUC0210U : 50.000 -> 0 Data Records > Find or Take SIDs" (see attachment). In sm50 i detect 2 sessions which keeps running: SAPLSDI0 - Direct Read - TADIR and SAPLRRBA - Direct Read - NRIV (see attachment). What can be the problem ?

After the transport, i noticed the process chain to load the cube was running twice: executing the DTP in the first chain and running 'deleting the
indices' in the second chain.  I have ended manually these processes by deleting the sessions in sm50 and setting the DTP status to RED. Can this be the resaon that the load does not work ? I was thinking of transport the flow again from the quality to the production system. Can this be a solution ?


During the running load, I have deleted in sm50 the session with the direct read on the TADIR table. From that moment, the second session (direct read on the NRIV table) did move forward again and executed some other tasks. After this session was finished, I deleted the DTP load and i did a DTP reload and this one worked fine.

Find any locks in SM12. i would suggest to delete all these locks, make sure all dtp's are red (ie not running anymore) and then you can try to run again. Also try to delete the index of the cube manually first. Just to be sure you don't get any locks with the index tables.
Make sure that you schedule the chain only once.

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