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Data Source - Real Time Scenarios

Q: I  am having a Query, I have to copy the Data-Sources from One client to another Client.Can any one let me know the Procedure.

I don't think we can copy a  Data source from one client to client ( Once you copy the  Client you suppose to get all the ds)
But if you still want to do then we have another option like transport from one client to Another  client trough RFC (regular transport model)

The best way is to do client copy which automatically will copy your data source to the target client. There is no specific method to copy data sources from one client to another client.
Alternatively you can transport the data source to the target system.

Data source are moved in the following way in BI landscape,
Transport from R/3 Dev to R/3 Quality to R/3 Production and then they are replicated from R/3 Dev to BW Dev and so on.
In this case if you want to move any particular DS in R/3 landscape then you will have to do it through normal transport.

This can be done only by transporting the objects from source client to target client. For that make sure the Transport path exists between Source to Target and then release the transport from the Source system and then import the request in the target system.
 If your are creating a new client from an existing client then basis can help you in creating a new and copying all the objects from the old client to the new client


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