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SAP ETL Performance Tuning Questions (Part - 5)

Performance Tuning 

200. What are the data load tuning one can do?
 Load balance on different servers
 Indexes on source tables
 Use fixed length files if data is loaded from flat files and put the file on the application server
 Use content (SAP delivered) extractor as much as possible
 Use “PSA and Data target in parallel” option in the InfoPackage
 Start several InfoPackages parallel with different selection options
 Buffer the SID number ranges when lot of data is loaded at once
 Load Master Data before loading Transaction Data
 Watch out the ABAP code in transfer and Update rules – This might slow performance
201. What are the general tuning guidelines?
 Archive and delete old data
 Use line item dimensions for large dimensions
 Use MultiProviders to parallel query on the basic InfoCubes
 Use the BW statistics InfoCube to monitor performance
 Reporting authorizations slow the performance
 Web reporting is faster than BEx reporting
 Use the aggregate hierarchies to minimize the roll-up time
 Use parallel upload and activation of ODS objects
 Disable the BEx reporting flag if ODS is not used for reporting
202. Ways to improve the performance
 Define as many dimensions as possible.
 Create aggregates
 Check and define Line Item Dimension



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