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SAP ETL LO Extraction Questions (Part - 6)

LO Extraction

203. What is the specific advantage of LO extraction over LIS extraction?
a. The load performance of LO extraction is better than that of LIS. In LIS two tables are used for delta management that is cumbersome. In LO only one delta queue is used for delta management.
204. What is Logistic Cockpit (LC)?
a. It is a technique to extract logistics information and consists of a series of a standard extract structures delivered in the business content.
205. What is the significance of setup tables in LO extractions?
 It adds the Selection Criteria to the LO extraction.
206. What is Delta Management in LO?
a. It is a method used in delta update methods which are based on change log in LO.
207. Suppose we performed a LO extraction using v3 update. This update method has problems after replication. Can you change the alternative methods?
a. This is only the extraction mechanism for logistics other than LIS and SAP is not recommended LIS extraction


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