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Reconstruction of InfoCubes


With this function, you can fill an InfoCube with requests that have already been loaded into another InfoCube. This function is only necessary for InfoCubes that obtained their data from InfoPackages. Only the InfoPackage requests are displayed. For InfoCubes that were loaded with a data transfer process, also supply other objects with this data using data transfer processes.


This function is particularly useful if you are loading deltas, that is, data that you cannot request again from the source system.


You have created a new InfoCube with update rules.


You can select an InfoCube, an InfoSource, a time frame or a source system, where all the requests that have already been loaded for your selection are displayed. You can choose individual requests, and use them to reconstruct the InfoCube.
You can start loading or scheduling the InfoCube immediately in the background, or set it so that it is triggered by an event.
If the requests contained in the InfoCube were already rolled up in aggregates or in BI accelerator indexes, you can no longer use these requests for reconstructing. Only the last (uppermost) requests can be used for reconstruction.


In the InfoCube tree, choose the InfoCube that you want to fill Context Menu (right mouse button) Manage. Choose Reconstruct Selection, and, using the selection options, determine the requests that you want to use to reconstruct the InfoCube.
Select the corresponding requests from the list, and choose Reconstruct.


For example, you are doing daily load. You realize that some records are missing for a particular date. so, you delete the requests till that date , do a ful load of those records missing for that date. Now, what happens is, the requests that are deleted will be in the reconstruction tab. now to bring back these requests to the data target, you reconstruct, so that the deleted requests will come back.

This way, yo are loading the missed ones, as well as bring back the ones completely till date.


We use infocube reconstruction in case of deleting request.

Ex:  If u have a request in which there are records having error. Then U have to correcte those error records in PSA  and load the data again. For loading that data again from PSA u have to delete that bad (red) request from data target manage screen . After deleting that request  u have to reconstruct that request for loading data from PSA to data target. U can do that from reconstruction tab.


Reconstruction is possible if you are loading through PSA and you have not deleted that request from PSA.

In many case you load data to target then delete them for some reasons. The most common being to edit them because of invalid records.
Reconstruction means just pushing from PSA into target again.


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