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What is the Difference between SAP BI and SAP BIW

Normally, we will get a question why the SAP Business Information Warehouse (SAP BW) is now called SAP Business Intelligence (SAP BI ) Well, the answer is .. changed over time as SAP's strategy has evolved. In the beginning, we had SAP BW .. shortly after that, SAP BW was bundled with other components such as SAP workplace (EP now) to form a licensed product that was named mySAP Business Intelligence (mySAPBI) to distinguish between the overall solution and the underlying SAP BW component. With the development of the SAP NetWeaver, it was determined that the Business Intelligence component should become part of this platform. A decision was made to retain ''Business Intelligence" as the name of the underlying component, because this name is more descriptive of the scope of the product, the name itself talks about the product.... Including as it does Data Warehouse Management, Extraction, Transformation and Loading (ETL) Capabilities with Business Modelling, Business Content, OLAP analysis, Data Mining, Business insights via Alerts and Reporting features and finally Planning functionalities with the new BW - BPS. So within SAPBI, SAP BW remains the core product, providing the ability to Control, Monitor and Maintain all Processes connected with the Data Staging and Processing. However, this is Technical Distinction that is expected to end with SAP BW 3.5 the Business Intelligence Component of SAP NWs'04. Future releases are planned to have only the Business Intelligence designation. Such as SAP NW BI 7.0 which is expected to be the name of the component at that time for the next release. Now what .... of course ... our turn to know SAP BI ... Start knowing it properly... hands on experience by making mistake / error bundles / Posting in SDN .. etc. etc... and finally ...We are also SAP NW BI 7.0 Consultant... Humm ... I agree that it would be bit tough to adjust with new releases every time... like SAP BW 3.1 Content or SAP3.5 functionalities still there ... but once, it goes away the term 'SAPBW' then we need to at least try to learn SAP NW BI 7.0

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