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SAP BI Terminology

Info Area
  • Info Area is like “Folder” in Windows. InfoArea is used to organize InfoCubes, InfoObjects, MultiProviders, and InfoSets in SAP BW.

InfoObject Catalog 

  • Similar to InfoArea, InfoObject Catalog is used to organize the InfoObject based on their type. So we will have InfoObjects Catalogs of type Characteristics & KeyFigures.

Info Objects

  • It is the bsic unit or object in SAP BI  used to create any structures in SAP BI. 
  • Each field in the source system is referred as InfoObject on SAP BI.
  • We have 5 types of Info Objects: Characteristic, KeyFigure, Time Characteristic, Unit Characteristic, and Technical Characteristic.
Data Source
  • Data Source defines Transfer Structure.
  • Transfer Structure indicates what fields and in what sequence are they being transferred from the source system. 
  • We have 4 types of data source:
    • Attr: used to load master data attr 
    • Text: Used to load text data 
    • Hier: used to load hierarchy data 
    • Transcation data: used to load transaction data to Info cube or ODS.
Source System
  • Source system is an application from where SAP BW extracts the data. 
  • We use Source system connection to connect different OLTP applications to SAP BI.
  • We have different adapters / connectors available:
    • SAP Connection Automatic
    • SAP Connection Manually 
    • My Self Connection
    • Flat file Interface
    • DB connect
    • External Systems with BAPI
Info Package
  • Info package is used to schedule the loading process
  • Info package is specific to data source. 
  • All properties what we see in the InfoPackage depends on the properties of the DataSource.

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