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Remodeling a DSO - Can history data be loaded for new char?

I have a requirement wherein I have to add a new characteristic to an existing DSO based on a standard Datasource.
Can I have history data loaded for this particular characteristic using remodeling tool.


Remodeling concept is applicable only for Infocubes but not for DSOs.
You can just reload all the data without dropping anything in DSO after adding new char. This procedure will bring all historical data to the existing fields and new field as well. All the existing fields data wil be overwritten in DSO and new field will get all the historical data.
By this, you can have complete data set for all your fields(new and old fields).

By remodeling you Won't get data into added field, Even for DSO its not possible thru remodeling.
When you want historical data for added field, then you need run full load again, thru that you will get whole data for added field.
 DSO is over write functionality,  you can go with full load. so if you have huge data in your dso, better reload full load data on weekends without distrubing the present loads. during weeknds load burden on system may be less compare to working days.

If Remodeling for DSO is available in BW 7.3, then it is helpful to just add/replace/remove characteristic. But to load historical data for the new field, you still have to map and reload all the data without disturbing the existing data.
To perform a historical load to DSO, it is not required to drop all the data in DSO. You can simply start full loads to DSO which will overwrite the existing data for all old fields and it will bring historical data for new field as well. The next delta DTP will bring delta for all fields(old and new fields) subsequently.
Hope you understand the mechanism. If it is a Cube, then we have to simply drop all the cube databefore staring full load to cube.

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  1. Correct me if I'm wrong but the purpose of remodelling is to add a characteristic or keyfigure without disturbing the infocube data is it not ? so why do you have to drop its data before a full load



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