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Issues with Process Chains - Real Time Scenario

Real Time Scenario: 

 If 20 process chains are running at same time, how will you stop the 10th chain?
 If a Process chain is running for long time what are actions need to be taken?

Solution 1:

If you are referring to meta chain and the 10th chain is local chain of meta chain. then check below options before cancelling the process.
- Its not advisable to stop the 10th PC with reason that its running long.
- first check which process of that particular chain is running long
- why is that load process(for ex) running long.
if the load process is running long
- check for the volume(is there any spike in volume of normal load)?
- Check for the source system job. in order to check the source system job Monitor screen -> Menu bar    >Environment>job Overview -->source system
- Next check if there any Hung TRFC which are not processed to BW system if so try to find the TID related to your    load with the help of the source system job log and manually flush the LUW/TRFC.
- If above things are fine check for the PID in SM66 and Sm50(local work process overview) if its processing or    waiting for gate way or its Hung( if its hung take help of BASIS ask them to check and kill the process if its    not processing or doing nothing).

Do not take action to stop the chain for the reason its running long, try to check why its running long and then take necessary actions to finish the PC. if you stop in the middle with out checking and analyzing why its running long there is a chance of missing the delta loads.

Solution 2:

Go to sm37,click on job detail.
Get the PID and then go to sm50
and select that particular process ,
Go to menu  and process and do cancel with core or without core.

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