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Help with updated 2LIS_03_BF

 I have noticed that there are additional fields in 2LIS_03_BF in our current Business Content. 

1. Is it possible to install and utilize this updated datasource without having to deactivate the queue in LBWE and request downtime on R3 Side?

2. Will the new fields be automatically populated once I just install this datasource?

Here's a list of the additional fields I'm seeing the Business Content Version.

ATTYPMaterial Category
INVKZIndicator: Movement type is physical inventory
ITEM_CATEA Retail BW Extr. Enhancement: Item Type
KORRIndicator: Movement type is inventory correction
MATSTStructured material
REC_TYPEEA Retail BW Extr. Enhancement: Data Record Type
RETKZIndicator: Return from call
SAUTOItem automatically created
UMLKZIndicator: Movement type is stock transfer
UMMATKZTransfer Posting Material to Material
VKSTAValue at sales prices excluding value-added tax
VKSTTValue at Sales Prices Including Value-Added Tax
VLFKZPlant category
WAERSSTCurrency Key

Sol: Append the these are all fields at the extractor structure level. and to fetch the data into this fields you have to write either user exit or badi.

Use the following link for the enhancing the structure and full the data for this fields.

You need to replicate the data source in BI system in order to get the changes.

It is not a best practice to enhance the data source with multiple fields as you get performance issues.

If you want to have these fields, try to create generic extraction on table/views and then extract the data.

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