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Compounding InfoObject

In Compounding a Field or another Object is attached to an Info Object. A Compounding Characteristic is when object's definition is incomplete without the definition of the another Characteristic Info Object.

For the better understanding the Info Object - Location (0PP_LOCAT) has to be assigned with  a Compound Info Object - Plant (0PLANT).

Here Plant(0PLANT) is the Superior Info Object of the Location(0PP_LOCAT)

The Info Object 0Plant has to be Installed/Created/ Activated first, later followed by Location(0PP_LOCAT)

While creating the Info Object itself we need to assign the Superior Object like below at Compounding Tab Page of Info Object.

Compounding Info Object Acts as a compounding Primary Key at the Master Data Table.

When a compounded Info object is included in an Info cube, all corresponding info objects are added to the Info cube. 

If Location(0PP_LOCAT) is to be included in the Info Cube , Plant (0Plant) is automatically added to the Info Cube. 

When a Compounded Info object is included in the DSO , all corresponding Objects are added to the DSO Key fields/Data Fields.

If Location(0PP_LOCAT) is to be included in the DSO , Plant (0Plant) is automatically added to the DSO. 

If an info object is defined as an attribute, it cannot be included as compounding object.

The total length of the compounding info objects cannot exceed 60 characters.

An Info Object which is defined as an Attribute only setting can not be included in Compounding object.

The Compounding Info Objects at BEx Report out put will be 0PLANT/0PP_LOCAT.

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