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Virtual Provider( Remote Cube)

VirtualProviders represent a logical view. Unlike Info-Cubes, data is not stored physically in BI. Only the data is taken from the Source System as query executed. You use this Virtual-Provider if you want to display data from non-BI data sources in BI without having to copy the data set into the BI structures. The data can be local or remote.
Following are the three type of Virtual Provider.
. Based on DTP for Direct Access
                 The Direct Access (DTP-filled) Virtual-Provider allows you to define queries 
                    With direct access to transaction or master data in other source systems.
. Based on a BAPI
                   The BAPI-based option allows reporting using data from non-SAP systems.
                     The external system transfers the requested data to the OLAP processor
                       via the  BAPI.
. Based on a Function Module
                   Function-Module-Based Virtual-Provider supplies a clean interface to
                    allow your custom code to be the source data. It is a very flexible way to
                   populate a Virtual-Provider.
These options are shown in the creation GUI for Virtual-Providers


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