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Useful T-codes For SAP BI

Used ECC side
RSA2 Used to display all the details of a DataSource
RSA3 This is Extractor Checker, we can check the data of any  
    DataSource at ECC side using this tcode.
RSA5 This tcode is used to activate the Standard DataSources
RSA6 By using this tcode we can see all the activated Data Sources

and also we can enhance the DataSource by adding new fields  
RSA7  Used to display the delta Queues
RSO2 Used to create and display the Custom DataSources
LBWE Customize LO Datasources
LBWQ  Used to manage the logistic Delta queues.
LBWG  Used to delete the logistic setup tables.
SMQ1 Used to check the queued data for delta
SM37 Used to monitor the Background jobs
SE38 Used to Create, edit and Display the ABAP programs
SE16  Used to see the data of database tables
SE11  Used to create and display Structures, Views and Tables
SM58 Used to Manage the Transactional RFCs
SE37 Used to create and display Function Modules.
SE80  Object Navigator
SE10  Transport Organizer
CMOD  Project management of SAP enhancements
SMOD  SAP enhancements for a Datasource
ST05  Performance Analysis

Used BI Side
RSA1  Data Warehousing Workbench Modeling  
RSKC  Used to maintenance of the permitted extra characters in BW
RSBBS  Maintaining BW SenderReceiver
RSPC  Used to create or monitor the Process Chains
RSPC1  Used to Maintain Process Chain(One Chain) 
RSZC  Use to copy the query from one InfoProvider to other InfoProvider
RSPCM  Used to monitor the Process Chains
RSRT2  Start of the Report Monitor
RSANWB  Analysis Process Designer
RSPLAN  Modeling BI Integrated Planning
RSCUR  StartCurrency Translation Type
RSMO  Data Load Monitor Start
RSRV  Analysis and Repair of BW Objects
RSSM Authorizations for Reporting
RSSMQ  Start Query with User
BD87  Used for idoc
LISTCUBE  Used to display the content of InfoProvider
SE10  Transport Organizer
CMOD  Project management of SAP enhancements
SMOD  SAP enhancements for a customer exit variables
SE11 Used to create and display Structures, Views and Tables
SM12 Unlock the locked Objects
SM59 Configuration or RFC connections
SM37 Used to monitor the Background jobs
DB02  Database performanceTables & Indexes
ST22 Used to check the ABAP run time error
AL11 Used to Create or Display SAP Directories
FILE Change view “Logical file path Definition” Overview
RSSMTRACE Reporting Log Authorization
RSECADMIN Used to maintain the BISecurity
RSZDELETE Used to Deletion of query objects
RSBBS_WEB Transaction for the RRI in the Web

Note: The above mention T-codes are most commonly used t-codes if you want to search more t-code you may use t-code SE93.


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