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SAP BW 7.3 upgrade in less than 3 hours

This is the result of a Twitter search  query on a successful upgrade to SAP BW 7.3 at Bluefin. See below  for the related log of tweets. Great feedback for the team including our colleagues from support!

25 DecvsikkaVishal SikkaThx!!! HANA shud make it really fly!  @applebyj:  @vsikka We  went live  smoothly with #netweaver73 BW this week too...
24 DecapplebyjJohn Appleby@  @vsikka We went live smoothly with #netweaver73 BW this week too. Great  product by the way. Huge improvement in lots of small ways :)
23 DecapplebyjJohn ApplebyKudos to Roland Szajko from SAP support who got our  #netweaver73 bug  fixed in 49 minutes from open to close including writing code.
23 DecapplebyjJohn ApplebyImpressive response from SAP Support on #netweaver73  Post-GoLive  problem. 10 minutes to phone call, developer working on fix  #BluefinRunsSAP
23 DecapplebyjJohn Appleby@bluefinsolution #netweaver73 upgrade mostly done now  - Java  still to  be connected. One new issue raised to SAP as V High. #BluefinRunsSAP
23 DectristancolgatetristancolgateRT @applebyj: @bluefinsolution Production #netweaver73  upgrade  completed - downtime < 3 hours. #BluefinRunsSAP > nice work john  you da best
23 DecBluefinSolutionBluefin SolutionsRT @applebyj: @bluefinsolution Production #netweaver73  upgrade  completed - downtime < 3 hours. #BluefinRunsSAP
23 DecapplebyjJohn Appleby@bluefinsolution Production #netweaver73 upgrade  completed -  downtime  < 3 hours. #BluefinRunsSAP
22 DecapplebyjJohn ApplebyAlright then. @bluefinsolution #netweaver73 upgrade  has gone  into  downtime phase on time. We'll see it on the other side #BluefinRunsSAP
22 DecBluefinSolutionBluefin SolutionsRT @applebyj: OK we have a Go on the @bluefinsolution  #netweaver73 BW  upgrade tonight. #BluefinRunsSAP
22 DecsapcioOliver BussmannRT @applebyj: OK we have a Go on the @bluefinsolution  #netweaver73 BW  upgrade tonight. #BluefinRunsSAP cc @sapcio @vsikka
22 DecapplebyjJohn ApplebyOK we have a Go on the @bluefinsolution #netweaver73  BW  upgrade  tonight. #BluefinRunsSAP cc @sapcio @vsikka

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