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SAP BW 7.3 Hierarchy Framework – a real-life example


So what do you when your client asks you to activate the customer hierarchy in reporting? Simple your say, you deep dive into ECC, look for the 0CUSTOMER hierarchy DataSource and activate. You do a quick RSA3 check and data.
Your day just became a little more interesting. After some investigation you find out your client did not implement “Classification” and therefore has no hierarchy on 0CUSTOMER. They do however have a hierarchy on the logistical view of the customer. As 0CUSTOMER is part of your data model you decide not to introduce 0CUST_SALES, but instead load it to your 0CUSTOMER object.

So how do you load a hierarchy from the 0CUST_SALES to your 0CUSTOMER object? SDN supplies the answer:

Well party. I have to load from an object with multiple compounds (the logistical view
ones) to an object without compounds. That means I have to do some more steps
to make this happen.

h2. Migrating
your DataSource

In order use the new hierarchy framework you need to migrate your DataSource to a 7.x
version. Before migrating them, you must first implement note 1313068 in you
ECC system as this will enable PSA usage.



Looking at your hierarchy on 0CUST_SALES you can see the compounded objects in the nodes.

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