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SAP BI Statistics Installation

Posted by nilesh pathak

This blog shares my personal experience during installation of "Standard BI statistics" on my BW system & it is already provided by SAP as a standard content for analyzing performance of different cubes,reports in the system.
During intial installation via SPRO transaction, the job RSTCC_ACTIVATEADMINCOCKPIT_NEW was executed in the background and it was getting cancelled & also gave me dump in ST22 as Assertion failed.
For resolution of this issue I implemented :"SAP Note-1330447- ASSERT incorrect when RRI jump targets are activated". Generally it is recommended to install Bi content individually in all the three environments-devlopment, quality, production otherwise during transporting the objects one may encounter several issues.
Normally if the BI statistics installation is successfull, the relevant BI statistics cubes and reports are activated & one should be able to see different statistics in transaction ST03N as well.But when i tried to open ST03N transaction, I was not able to see any statistical info here as the cube 0TCT_C01 -Front End and OLAP Statistics-Aggregated was getting zero records everyday even though initialization was successfull .The data source 0TCT_DS01 during extraction in RSA3 also showed zero records.
When i checked in the view RSDDSTAT_OLAP the data was there & ideally it should have been uploaded to cube 0TCT_C01(as this cube gets data from this view)but it was not happening in my case.So I tried to debug in RSA3 in delta mode for data source 0TCT_DS01 & kept the breakpoint on fetch_package method in function module RSTC_BIRS_OLAP_AGGREGATED_DATA. 
The data source 0TCT_DS01 is based on two views-  RSDDSTAT_DM  & RSDDSTAT_OLAP so while debugging i found that data was coming in both the views but it was getting filtered out due to settings maintained in table RSTCTEXTARCT.Generally in RSTCTEXTARCT the  step categories - MDX and OLAP are selected but since my System release was 701 and Support Pack was 4 hence in table RSTCTEXTRACT I had to set the flag for step category-OTHERS as well to  extract the data from data source 0TCT_DS01 in RSA3.
Hence after maintaining the settings as mentioned above I was able to get data in cube 0TCT_C01 everyday.I hope this blog will provide help regarding the issues that may occur during BI Statistics Installation.

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  1. Its an excellent real time scenario......I appreciate you, to be more clear, if you can make it little clear(with required screenshots).



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