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Major Lessons Learnt from BW 7.30 Upgrade

Dear SAP BW-ers, 

This is my 1st time blog posting experience, I would like to share with you my journey when upgrading to BW 7.30 SP05 from BW 7.01 SP07.

Whatever I've written below is purely my opinion and not my employer.

It has been a painful project yet rewarding since this will enable the BW to be on HANA and have much better integration with other Business Objects tools.

Data Modelling Issue
·         There is a new data validation check procedure in BW 7.30, some of our daily batch jobs fails because of this new behavior. We have to remove conversion routine in 0TCTTIMSTMP and also write an ABAP routine to do the conversion during data loading. The same thing happened for 0WBS_ELEMT, we wrote a routine to fix this thing as well.

·         Cannot activate an InfoSource after the upgrade, run program RS_TRANSTRU_ACTIVATE_ALL in debugging mode and set the value of the parameter "v_without" to "x".

·         3.x DBConnect Data source stopped working after upgrade, needs to be regenerated because it was corrupted after the upgrade Go-Live

BWA Issue
·         If you are running on BWA 7.20 lower than revision 22, please set the query properties back into using Individual access instead of Standard/Cluster access. You can also do mass maintenance of every queries in an InfoProvider in transaction RSRT. If you don't do this you will be having major performance problem, for example a query that used to take 9 secs before upgrade will come back in 800 seconds if the cluster access is enabled.

Reporting Issue
·         Error #2032 because of dashboard crosstab data binding, we experienced this with most query that has 0CALDAY. You have to remove the 0CALDAY and then put it back again in the query so that the BICS connection will be refreshed from the query to the dashboard.

·         UOM conversion issue after the upgrade for some query, implements this SAP Note 1666937 to solve the issue.

·         Cell defined value was not impacted by scaling factor in BW 7.01, but in BW 7.30 it does. We have to make lots of adjustment in few queries because of this.

·         A condition on a hidden key figures no longer supported in BW 7.30, again some queries has to be adjusted because of this.

·         Dashboard Design 4.0 cannot be connected to BW 7.30 system until we upgrade SAP GUI version to 7.20 SP10.

This is the list of major issues that we encountered so far a week after Go-Live; hope that this will help your journey. I personally say to run the upgrade better we need to have a copy of production right before the upgrade and do the heavy testing few times and involve the business when doing so. You will then expect only few minor issues during the go-live.

Erdo Dwiputra (original Contributor)


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