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How to save your Listcube selction screen and the output.

Posted by Nanda Kumar

Hi All, 
Just found an quick information in SAP BI from LISTCUBE  tcode so thought of sharing the same across others because I suspect only very very  few make use of this .

Have you ever thought of how to save selection screen and output fields in tcode LISTCUBE? If not below are the steps to be followed to make use of it.

  • This will help in  reusability like avoiding the LISTCUBE tcode again and again for the same selections.
  • This will  also helps you to  reduce certain amount of your manual work.

Here is the steps to be followed.

1. Go to the TCODE LISTCUBE.

2. Select your needed info provider to be displayed.
              Listcube Tcode Screen
3. Same time give the program name starting with Z or Y ( This is the program which is going to be reused) and please make a note of it.
4.   Now execute the screen , which displays  your selection screen and select your needed field for the selection, later also select your needed fields for the output using field selection for output tab
5. After selecting it, kindly select the Save button which is there on the top of the screen to save it as variant.

6. You will get the popup screen in which it will ask you to update with Variant name and its Description, enter the needed info and save it again through the save button or through the file menu Variant --->Save.


7. Use can make use of options check box which is available in the screen  likeProtect Variant, which protects others to changes this variant on the same program, means it can be changed only by the created user, other is not certainly required, still if you need to know its purpose kindly press F1 on corresponding check box for its use.

8. Now go to TCODE SE38 and give the program name as the one which you gave it in the LISTCUBE transaction and execute it.


9. Once you execute it you will get the screen as you decided in listcube, click on variant button for save variants or click on field selection for output tab for your changes like to save another variant or to make the changes in the current variant.

10.  Here if you want to view the save variants from list cube you can use the variant button and select your variants to display it which has been stored already.

11.  Select the need variant and execute the program to get your desired outputs.
Note: you can also store ‘N’ number of variants from this program itself.

Now instead of going LISTCUBE again and again to make your selection you can make use of this program when you want to make use of the same info provider to display your output for n number of times, this will reduce your time in selecting your selection option, and your desired output screen.
Dependencies: If the structure of the Info Provider changes, a program generated once is not adapted automatically. The program has to be manually deleted and generated again to enable selections of new fields.

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