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Customer Exit Variables

- Characteristic values
- Hierarchies
- Hierarchy nodes
- Text
- Formula Elements
Variables: reusable objects
1. Characteristic values
a. Selecting Single Value Variable
b. Selecting Single Value Variable as Variable Value Range Limit
c. (Combination of several a. or b.) Selecting Variables with Several Single Values or Value Ranges
2. Text
- Format: Techinical name enclosed by ampersands (&)
3. Hierarchies
4. Hierarchy nodes
a. Variable hierarchy node with a fixed hierarchy
b. Variable hierarchy node with a variable hierarchy
5. Formula Elements
Variable Processing Types
1. User Entry/Default value
2. Replacement Path
a. Text variables and formula variables with the replacement path processing type replaced by characteristic value.
b. Characteristic value vriables with the replacement path processing type replaced by query result.
3. Customer Exit
Determine values for variables using function module exit. (EXIT_SAPLRRS0_001)
Create a project in tcode CMOD by selecting SAP enhancement RSR00001 and assigning this to enhancement project. Activate project.
Tcode SMOD. Enter name of enhancement (RSR00001), choose Documentation then Edit Display/Change.
4. SAP Exit
Delivered within SAP BW Business Content
5. Authorization
Data selection carried according to authorization

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