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User Experience in Practice

User Experience in Practice

This is the fourth of a six part presentation on User Experience in Practice. In this selection, we explore the mission and approach to end-user testing of new interfaces. Qualities that make up realistic goals and tasks will be described for those administering the tests and those that will perform the tests.

1. Preface to User Experience
2. User Research
3. UI / Navigation
4. User Acceptance Testing
5. Branding
6. Communication


  • To collect feedback of users on the usability and usefulness of a solution in order to develop ideas for improvement


  • Observe real end-users
              1. in realistic task scenarios
             2.  interacting with ideas, prototypes, or released solutions
  • Context-centered interviewing of users
  • Analyze and communicate findings
  • Interaction Structure & WorkSets (-> Interviews)
  • Prototypes (Paper or HTML)
  • Solutions in Development
  • Final Solutions

  • Be aware of your team‘s goals
              1. What do you want to learn?
              2. What do you want the tester to learn?
              3. Consider creating different scenarios for decision makers v.s. end-users
  • Keep task descriptions realistic
              1. Process scenarios you observed at Site Visits
             2. Choose important and frequent tasks
            3. Generate reasonable and feasible tasks regarding

                          A. time constraints
                         B. user profile
                          C.  issues to be resolved

  • Introduction:
              1.  Outline context/ scenario description
             2. Why does the participant use this application to complete the specified tasks?
  • Task Description:
              1. Avoid technical (SAP) expressions and use the end-user’s language
              2.  Place precise start and end points in the description
             3. Describe user goals and activities, not step-by-step procedures  - don’t give details or               solutions

  • Provide master solutions in a separate document
              1. Include the path(s) that you want the participant to follow
              2. Facilitators must be able to help testers if they get stuck 

On your implementation project you are helping the customer certify their custom (3rd party) application on SAP Web Application Server.


  • Get the Step-by-Step Guide for Certification of Third-Party Software
  • Get for your customer the eclipse plugins for the portal development kit (They are working with ep6 sp2)
  • The project ended. You’d like to submit one of the content pieces you created back to the community.

Answer # 1: The Step by Step certification guide can be found under the Web App Server area.
Answer # 2: Eclipse Plugins can be found in the download area.
Answer #3: You can upload content to the website under the ‘contribute’ area of the site.



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