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Treasury system business Content Cubes

Mostly in treasury system is part of Finance like FI and CO.Under Treasury system we have different different sub-modules, those we are using for different requirements .To find the business content cubes , please follow the below navigations.
RSA1---Business Content---Expand Financial Management & Controlling(0FMCO) InfoArea ,expand Treasury(0TR) IA, then you will be getting Cash Management(0TRCM) and Liquidity Planning(0TRLP) IA, expand those , you will be getting all Cubes and Mps..please try to install as per your requirements.
The business content Cubes and Multi providers available in BI side are as bellow
Under Cash Management IA , The underlying Cubes are
1:Planned Amounts---------------0TRCM_C01
2:Planned Amounts - Enhanced---0TRCM_C02
3:Current Planned Amounts------0TRCM_RC1
Multiprovider is
1:Planned Amounts - Comparison---0TRCM_MC1.
Under Liquidity Planning IA , underlying Cube is
1:Liquidity Planning: Actual Data----0TRLP_C01.

Please follow the below Screen shot for more details..


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