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SAP BI Real Time Interview Questions (Part -4)

Q: Is it safe to delete old background jobs using the program RSBTCDEL while users are working in the PRD server?
A: Yes. It is safe to run this program while users are working since this only deletes jobs that were completed or aborted, not active jobs.

Q: Is there any report or table in which user log off time is stored in SAP?
A: There is no standard report. However, you can find out about the user’s last transaction time in table USR02 and field TRDAT, which is close to logoff time.

Q: I installed the kernel patch 6.40 level 098 and now the transport system is not working properly. The job RDDIMPDP is not starting, although I start it manually. I keep receiving error messages. How should I solve this problem?
A: First go into SE38 in both client 000 and your working client. Run program RDDNEWPP. This will schedule program RDDIMPDP with proper parameters. Then, check if any "TP" programs are running. If this is the case, check in/usr/sap/trans/log and look for the most recent files contents.

Q: The temporary spooling table space is approximately 5GB in one of our customer’s production systems that runs 24 hours a day. We would like to reduce this over time. What strategy would you have for reducing this tablespace?
A: You could schedule report RSPO0041 for deleting the spool (TEMSE) objects. Schedule it as a daily background job in order to minimize impact on your system.

Q: How would I setup table maintenance for customized table Z1?
A: Use Transaction code SE11.

Q: I want to change five dialog work processes into batch. Where can I do this?
A: You can configure work processes through parameters in RZ10. Use “rdisp/no_wp_dia” for dialog and “rdisp/no_wp_btc” for background. Or you can configure operation modes for that through RZ04.

Q: Is there a way to change the transport request number to start with a number that I choose?
A: Assuming your release is 4.6, user SAPR3 is owner of the database. Call the last transport number by issuing “select * from sapr3.E070L.” Change the transport sequence number by issuing:
”Update sapr3.E070L set
If your SAP release is higher than 4.6, replace
SAPR3 with the owner of the database.

is being continuously being cancelled in our quality System BW. I keep receiving an error that says the load program is not found. What should I do to resolve this?
A: The problem is in the support package. The Solution is you need to delete the SWNC* reports and insert RSSTAT83 and RSSTAT87 into TCOLL.

Q: We are planning an upgrade of the OS from the existing V5R2 to V5R3 of our i-series server which hosts SAP application. We are currently on R/3
Release 4.6C at support pack level 50. After we do
an upgrade we plan to migrate all applications to a power 5 i-series 550 server. Our current kernel is ASCII 46D patch level 1977. Should we consider a SAP kernel upgrade?
A: Before upgrading OS , database or SAP version, Always update your kerne l to latest level.

Q: We have a SAP r/3 47x200 (unix/oracle) The SAPDBA program no longer exists since we’ve upgraded from 6.20 to 6.40. Where can I download BR*Tools Gui for Oracle DBA –GUI after installing Kernel 6.40?
A: You can still use SAPDBA from version 6.20. You must however combine it with BR*Tools 6.40.

Q: I received 2 transports (K and R) to be imported from an external vendor. We need to import these into our QA system. I have moved the transports to the Cofiles and Data subdirectories. What do I need to do next?
A: Follow pathway STMS -> Overview -> Imports. Double-click on QA's SID. Next, follow path Extras



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