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SAP BI Real Time Interview Questions (Part -8)

Q: Difference between simple and interactive reports?
In simple reports we directly interact with report in which all data is present. In case of interactive reports we interact with specific data.

Q: How many types of windows are there in SMARTFORMS? Not in scripts?
We have four types of windows in smartfors.
1. Main window
2.secondary window
3.copies window window

Q: What are user-exits?

Q: Which command is used to flushes the database buffer?
Use the by pass buffer command on the select statement which will fetch the data directly from the database ignoring the buffered data on the application layer.

Q: What is the difference between normal report program and module pool program?
Report is displaying in application serve as per normal is used in transaction code
-se38.technically speaking report is an executables program with 3 stages.

DATA INPUT (select screen)
DATA PROCESSING (select statement)
DATA OUTPUT (defining output types in write,uline,skip,output fields)
module pool program are dialog program dialog program are used to call transaction this are used in customizing of screens
this are more flexible than reports.

Q: What is collective search help?
A Collective search help contains several elementary search helps. It provides several alternative paths for possible entries.

Q: How to create lock object?
Transaction : SE11 and go to last option
Lock object name should always start from 'E' and it will generate two function module enqueue
(Activate the lock) and dequeue(Deactivate the lock). Use update sql between these FM's.

Q: What is the difference between append structure and include structure? Append structure is used to append the structure to the standard table whereas Include structure is used to include the structure to the custom table.

The same Append structure cannot be append in more than one standard data base table. The same include structure can be included to any no of custom tables.

Q: What is the logging of technical setting while creating db table? Logging of database table determines the changes to the records of the table should be logged.A history table is generated with respect to each table to contain it's log history. Table logs can be visualized by transaction SCU3.

Q: How can we get what are the exits available for va01 transaction?
Way is find out the package name of VA01 Tcode.
We can find Package by Open VA01 tcode in starting screen MENU BAR click on STATUS-
>SYSTEM double click on program name and in Program GOTO->Attributes. There u can find the
Package name.
Now goto SMOD tcode click on F4 on EXIT NAME and click on Application and enter Package name. After that click on Enter button. There you can find all exits wat are present for VA01 tcode.



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