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SAP BI Interview Questions - IBM

• What Cell formatting? And Advantages?
• What is the ticketing tool for Wipro and ticketing tool depends on company or client?
• What is the main difference between view and the function module?
• If we want to design an info cube, what are the pre-requisites u have to take in real time?
• What is the differences between standard DSO and write optimized DSO and Direct update DSO.
• How can we stop the Collapse process in process chain?
• What is the use of filters in BEx –
• How do you analyse the data loading time the loading time is 15 min. but tomorrow the same type of loading takes 3 hours..How do you analyse?
• Account modeling and key figure modeling
• What is exception aggregation
• How is multi provider different from info set? Typically when do you use it?
• Which R/3 version supports LO extraction?
• How does it do delta?
• What is the difference between Data Target and Info Provider
• What is the RRI? What is the structure of RRI? Any conditions for RRI.



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