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Naming Convention in SAP BW

SAP BW has a naming convention related to its objects.

SAP BW prefixes /BIO/ to the names
of Business Content database objects. It prefixes /BIC/ to the database objects created by users.

If a user creates characteristics type info object ZPRODUCT and activates it, information will be stored in following:

Data element: /BIC/IOZPRODUCT
Master data table: /BIC/PZPRODUCT
Text table: /BIC/TZPRODUCT

When an info cube ZSALES is created and activated, information will be stored in following:

Fact table: /BIC/VZSALESF
Transparent Fact table: /BIC/FZSALES
tables: /BIC/DZSALES1 to /BIC/DZSALESN where N being no. of dimensions
/BIC/DZSALESP, /BIC/DZSALEST, /BICDZALESU for Data Packet, Unit & Time (maximum 16 dimensions possible, 3 reserved for P, T & U)

If a hierarchy is used in an info object ZDATE, following tables will be created:

Hierarchy table: /BI0/HZDATE
Hierarchy SID table: /BI0/KZDATE
SID hierarchy structure: /BI0/IZDATE
HierInterval table: /BI0/JZDATE



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