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How to re-construct a Load From DSO

This guide is in reference to reconstruct a load in Opportunities Header DSO but the process is similar to any other object and can be a reference for any other DSO we need to fix data without taking new data from source system (CRM or R3).

1. Delete the existing load from the DSO.
2. Go to the Reconstruction tab and select the request we want to reconstruct and click the Reconstruction/Insert button.
3. Come back to the Request tab and monitor the progress of the load clicking the refresh button, we need continue monitoring until the request reach the green status.
4. Despite of the load will complete, it won’t be inactive (there is no value in the ID of Request column).
5. In order to activate it, we need to choose the request from the manage and click on the activate button.
6. A new window with the list of available requests in the DSO will be shown, most of the times it will only exist one in the first row of the list, let’s select it and click on the start button
7. A new window asking in which specific Server we want to run the process appears, let’s accept what is proposed by default and click on green button to allow the process to continue.
8. Once the activation is done, the request in the manage will show with all the information populated and data will be ready to be moved to the cubes or accessed by routines


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