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Common SAP BW Transactions

Following are most commonly used SAP BW Transactions

1) SBIW: Data Transfer to SAP BW
2) RSA1: Admin Workbench Modelling
3) RSZV: Maintain Variable for BEx Analyser
4) RSSM: BW Authorization
5) RSO2: Maintain Generic Data Sources
6) RSA7: BW Delta Queue Maintenance
7) RSA3: Data Extractor Check
8) RSA5: Installation of Data Sources from Business Content
9) LISTCUBE: To display content of Info Providers
10) RSCUSTA: Set User ID for Source System 
11) RSKC: Permitted Characters
12) SNUM: Number ranges for Transfer Structure
13) SM62: Define Event
14) RSMO: Evaluation of Requests

General SAP Transactions:

1) SE11: ABAP Dictionary (Create, 
Change, Display Table, View, Data Elements, etc.)
2) SE16: Data Browser for Table and View
3) SU01: User Maintenance
4) PFCG: Role Maintenance
5) SPRO: Customizing
6) SE80: Object Navigator
7) SE93: 
To check transaction codes available
8) STMS: 
Transport Management
9) SE09: Transport Organiser



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