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BI Training

What is Business Intelligence?
Business Intelligence is a broad category of application and technologies for:
providing access and
analyzing data
  to help enterprise users make better, faster  business decisions. 

BI Leverages all your Existing Data Assets

BI Leverages all your Existing Data Assets

Why Business Intelligence  

  • By definition, the moment any given business is operating, it begins generating data. Some obvious examples are banking, sales, production data, warehouse information, transportation and logistics, personnel, etc.
  • In addition there also exists large volumes of data which are important to the business but not directly generated by business operations. Examples are market data, competitive data, tenders and proposal, legal information, raw material prices, etc.
As such, none of the above described information can be used in its raw form by corporate management to make decisions although the information is critical in helping make those business decisions.
Therein lies the necessity for Business Intelligence. BI technologies help bring decision-makers the data in a form they can quickly digest and apply to their decision making. BI turns data into information for managers and executives and in general, people making decisions in a company.
    • Business Intelligence applications include the activities of:
Decision support systems,
Query and reporting,
Online analytical processing (OLAP),
Statistical analysis, Forecasting, and
Data Visualization
BI Benefits
Make better decisions by turning enterprise data into real information
Increase efficiencies getting the most out of the data available to your business
Gain a competitive advantage by getting timely, flexible, sophisticated analysis of corporate data 
Business Intelligence Architecture  
Important Factors in Choosing a BI Platform 
    –Standardization - Standardization is Key. Single, shared view of the organization. 
   –Integration - Delivers a faster time to value and reduce on going support costs you need. Integration into your existing IT infrastructure with back office systems and desktop productivity tools. 
    –Data source independenc
What is the main difference between Data warehousing and Business Intelligence?
DW - is a way of storing data and creating information. DW does not require BI to work. Reporting tools can generate reports from the DW.
BI - is the leveraging of DW to help make business decisions and recommendations. Information and data rules engines are leveraged here to help make these decisions along with statistical analysis tools and data mining tools.



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