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Adjusting Changes to Hierarchies and Attributes


If hierarchies and attributes for characteristics have changed, then it is necessary to make structural changes to the aggregates in order to adjust the data accordingly.
With a structural change, all of the aggregates that are affected by the changes to the hierarchies and InfoObjects of all InfoCubes are adjusted. Under certain circumstances, this can take a very long time.
If an aggregate is only affected by a few changes, then it is adjusted, otherwise it is reconstructed. When you carry out the adjustments, the obsolete data records are read negatively whereas the new data records are read positively.
Beyond a certain scale of adjustment, modifying the aggregate becomes more time-consuming than reconstructing it. Because this threshold value depends on your system installations, you change the value yourself. To do this, choose Business Information Warehouse ® General BW Settings ® Maintain Aggregate Realignment Run and make the settings you want there.



       1.      In the Administrator Workbench menu, select Tools ® Hierarchy/Attribute Changes from the menu.
All the executed realignment runs are listed with detailed information in the following dialog box.
All InfoObjects and hierarchies that are planned for structural change are selected as standard.
       2.      If you only want to carry out the structural changes for individual InfoObjects and hierarchies, select the pushbutton InfoObject List and/or Hierarchy List, and remove from the list those InfoObjects and hierarchies for which the changes should not be made.
       3.      You can now schedule a new structural change by entering the date and time, or you can choose to execute immediately.
       4.      The status of the structural change is displayed in the upper section of the dialog box.


You can also schedule the same function when Structure linkdirectly carrying out a report by specifying the program name RSDDS_AGGREGATES_MAINTAIN.
You can also create the program regularly as a background job as well as when you Structure linkcreate an event collector.
The attributes for the characteristic 0MATERIAL are uploaded weekly. You can now schedule the program so that it starts after loading. You can also use the InfoObject List 0MATERIAL as a variant, so that only the changes to the material attributes are taken into account and not others, which will be needed later.

You can use the pushbutton Log to display the messages for the changes you made manually as well as automatically.


The aggregates for BW contain the changed hierarchies and / or attributes.



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