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600 BI Interview Questions (Questions Only)

1. What is table partition?
2. What are the options available in transfer rule and when ABAP code is required during the transfer rule what important variables you can use?
3. How would you optimize the dimensions?
4. What are the conversion routines for units and currencies in the update rule?
5. Can you make an InfoObject as info provider and why?
6. What are the steps to unload non cumulative cubes?
7. Give step to step approach to archiving cubex.
8. What are the load process and post processing.
9. What are the data target administration task
10. What are the parallel process that could have locking problems
11. How would you convert a info package group into a process chain?
12. How do you transoform Open Hub Data?
13. What are the data loading tuning one can do?
14. What is ODS?15. What is the use of BW Statistics?
15. What are the options when definging aggregates?
16. How will you debug errors with SAP GUI (like Active X error etc)
17. When you write user exit for variables what does I_Step do?
18. How do you replace a query result from a master query to a child query?
19. How do you define exception reporting in the background?
20. What kind of tools are available to monitor the overall Query Performance?
21. What can I do if the database proportion is high for all queries?
22. How to call a BW Query from an ABAP program?
23. What are the extractor types?
24. What are the steps to extract data from R/3?
25. What are the steps to configure third party (BAPI) tools?
26. What are the delta options available when you load from flat file?
27. What are the tables filled when you select ABAP?
28. What are the steps to create classes in SAP-BW
29. How do you convert from LIS to LO extraction?
30. How do you keep your self-updated on major SAP Developments, Give an analytical example
31. How many types of Infocubes are there?
32. What is exception Aggregation? Give Example?
33. What Cell formatting? And Advantages? IBM
34. What is I_step1,I_step2,I_step3 in customer exit Wipro
35. What is occurrence- Wipro
36. What are the common errors occur during data loading and performance level?
37. What are types of update rules and transfer rules? And what are the routines to be used in bw 3.5?
38. What is a dimension table and types? Explain about line item dimension and high cardinality and uses, in which case suppose to be use? What is an index and types? What is use and where to be used?
39. What is Authorization and types? What are uses and explain me in detailed?
40. What is a process chain and types? Use of process chain and differences between bi7.0/bw3.5 about process chains and where to be use?
41. What is performance tuning and the tools supposed to be used? And explain in detailed about aggregates, bw statistics and bi accelerator? Uses of those tools?
42. What is a MultiProvider?
43. What are the uses and in which case supposed to be use? Difference between bi7.0/bw3.5?
44. What is virtual kef figures? What are the uses and in which case supposed to be use?
45. What is re-partitioning and re-modeling in bi 7.0 and what are the uses and in which case supposed to be use?
46. What are types of kef Figures, characteristics, attributes? Explain me in detailed?
47. What is open hub destination? What are the uses and in which case it suppose to be use? And difference in bi7.0/bw3.5?
48. What is InfoSet? What are the uses? In which case it suppose to be use? And difference in bi7.0/bw3.5?
49. What are differences between bi 7.0/bw 3.5 in reporting?
50. How to check for standard info Objects, Infocubes, ODS/DSO, transformations, reports, queries...etc in bi7.0/bw3.5?
51. (Is there any T-Codes to find out)
52. What is infocube? What are the types and uses and in which Case it suppose to be use?
53. What is DSO? What are the types and uses and in which case it suppose to be use?
54. What is DTP? What are the types and uses and in which case it suppose to be use?
55. What is transformation? What are the types and uses and in which case it suppose to be use? 1
56. What are advantages of using bi 7.0 instead of bw 3.5? 0 41 plz help me how to prepare for adventnet Advent-Global-Solutions
57. Can anyone explain me....Before coming luw's into Extractor queue(Lbwq),What Update mode(v1 or v2) will execute?
58. Can anyone explain me...... What are the difference between Extractor queue and delta queue?
59. Wt is the use of summarization level and filed name for partitioning in co-pa? Igate
60. What are the questions could be in client interview? 0 57 can anyone tell me abt WAD navigation?
61. What is the ticketing tool for wipro and ticketing tool depends on company or client? IBM
62. My intermediate is mpc and my graduation is bcom and pg is mba. Learnt sap bw and abap. Tell me the interview questions for the same?
63. What is the difference between Z and 0 Tables in SAP BW3.5? Infosys
64. How to get the recordmode D or A in changelog table when we delete or add records in DSO? Infosys
65. when do we go for generic extraction and why we use time stamp ?How long it will run?Explain? Infosys
66. what are the reports used from business content in sap bw project?Name them and what was the requirement? Satyam
67. What are the extractions made in a sap bw project using lo cockpit extraction in mm and sd and fi?What is the requirement and name them? Accenture
68. What are the info cube developed in a sap project?Name them and what is the requirement? Accenture
69. What are the reports generated in a sap bw project?Name them and what is the requirement? Accenture
70. Why dont I see my datasource when I choose BAPI option in Virtual Provider? How can I fix this any steps.
71. What is writeoptimized data store in dso?
72. What is constant selection Accenture
73. can we define a multiprovider in multiprovider igate
74. Which data you load first ( MASTER or TRANSACTIOANAL ) ? And why ? Bristle-Cone
75. Hi, I need to know anything and everything abt datamarts and thier behaviours. Please suggest any links/whitepapers/articles which explain datamarts from scratch. This is required for my admin job at hand. Appreciate your help :)
76. If I have 3 different process chains then how can I create a Metachain including all these 3 local chains ? Step by Step procedure would be much appreciated as I am going to try the suggestions provided on system. Thank you.
77. What is the main difference between view and the function module? IBM
78. If we want to design an info cube, what are the pre-requisites u have to take in real time? IBM
79. What is the differences between standard DSO and write optimized DSO and Direct update DSO. IBM
80. What is Cell Definition ? Satyam
81. Usually we mention T or O in CONFIRMATION TYPE. What is T and O , stand for ? Accenture
82. What do you do , when you get a GAP ? What is FIT-GAP analysis ? TCS
83. Suppose, You are working on a report, how do you know from which INFOCUBE ,report should be generated ? Accenture
84. What is the difference between Data Target and Info Provider IBM
85. I am looking for SAP BI banking reports and business content for banking. Please help
86. How to fetch the data from sap-r/3, sap-bw/bi to informatica system? What is step by step procedure? At what senario you retrieve the data from sap system to informatica or say dwh system? -- Wipro
87. Iam looking for some scenarion on reporting concepts like - replacement path,customer exits, all types of variables. Plese send me some important links and materials. So it will be helpful for me. HOW CAN I APPLY PATCHES FOR BI 7.0 WITHOUT USER ID AND PASSWORD OF SAP? 0 270
88. Is there is any book that covers all topics of BI 7.0 and the navigation steps for bi 7.0 and pdf of 7
89. What is the t-code to create INDEX in SAP BI(7.0)?/How can we create the index in SAP BW/BI? TCS
90. What is the difficulty you have faced in the BW in your overall experience? We don't want common things, we need some difficult concepts what u have faced(in past Experience)?
91. Can anyone send me the what the scenario's client given in the real time, I mean functional specs,reporting scenarios?
92. How can we enhance the DataSources, explain me with example? Satyam
93. What are the errors in process chain, how can we solve them? Satyam
94. I want to know about DTP in bi 7. Satyam
95. What is post processing, where we use this Honeywell?
96. Please can anybody explain about monitoring T.code RSMO RSPC RSPCM and how to work with the DATA LOAD issues?
97. How to create info package from ods to ods then to infocube for process chain
98. Where and why we use info provider,multi provider & infosets?
99. What is many types of dso's
100. Wt is difference between user group and reference user group
101. How can we stop the Collapse process in process chain. IBM
102. What is the RRI. What is the sructure of RRI.any conditions for RRI. IBM
103. What is diffarences between QUEUE DELTA & DIRECT DELTA.
104. Is it possible to cancel the "collapse" process in Process chain. If yes. Briefly expalin how to cancel the process
105. What are the T.code using in Production support. Briefly explain the use of those code?
106. What is line item dimension? When we need them? How we will come to know we need to create line item dimensions? 5 2446 what are the uses of routines like transfer routine, update routine, start routine. What are the differences? Where we will actually define them? HP
107. Iam saritha sap bw learner, 1.when going to activate the ods,the error comes,i.e,STDO. Log could not be written on output device T. 2.AFTER CREATION OF ODS ,WHEN I ENTER INTO THAT ODS FOR UPDATE REULES, THEN SYSTEM THROUGH AN ERROR"ODS - PRAM IS NOT ACTIVE" WHEN I AM DOING
108. Where do u find the option "REPAIR REQUEST"? WHAT IS THE USE OF THAT? Cap-Gemini
109. How can u correct the error in loading for Delta failure Cap-Gemini
110. How do u deceided to go create Aggregates for cube. What purpose u want to create aggregates? Cap-Gemini
111. What type of tables join in generic view? HCL
112. What is attribute change run? HCL
113. What is reconcillation? Where can u find the option.( cube( f/ e table or ods or aggregates)? HCL
114. What is sid for to trasport the object along the land scape:/ HCL
115. What are the parameters? Can u say what type of perameters regularly used? HCL
116. What is the diffarence between formula and caluculated key figure. HCL
118. Can we make a info object as info provider other than master data. Magnus-Infotech
119. What are the frequently error in monitoring the loads in process chains?
120. What are step in transporting the object? Accenture
121. Where you have to done cube testing? Accenture
122. What is delta mechanism?
123. How many types of infocubes are there?
124. How to load transaction datawith out master data?
125. What is un assigned notes? How to define keyfigure as attribute? How to load text data with out attribute data?
126. How to getweekday,weekmonth,month,weekno,week order in the report by using routines?
128. What is the use of filters in Bex IBM 6 1229 How do you analyse the data loading time the loading time is 15 min.but tomorrow the same type of loading takes 3 hours..How do you analyse? IB
129. How do you extract data from R3 to BW for a specific date.? How to filter the data for the period? ITC-Infotech
132. WHAT IS THE T-CODE FOR PSA PARTIATION. IS IT POSSIBLE TO PARTITATION AN ODS? IF YES HOW. 1 714 what is the use of attribute in the attribute
133. How do u generate Summary Report? How can i get the Drill down Options in That report? Citigroup
134. How is SAP BW different from SAS ( Statistical Analytical Software)? Citigroup
135. What do u understand by Datawarehouse? How is it being used by different organisations? Infosys
136. What is the difference between Business warehouse and Data Warehouse? Citigroup
137. Can Tell Me difference b/w SAP BW 3.5 & BW 7.0 vesion in Details. HP
138. How can partition a cube Accenture
139. Account modeling and key figure modeling IBM
140. What is exception aggregation IBM
141. How will the setup be in bw in real time scenario how will the setup between r/3 and bw in real time scenario HP
142. What is lis ,lo and difference between them ? Igate
143. What is the data model and how it is use ?
144. What is the meta data and meta data manager ?
145. What is difference between star schema and extend star schema?
146. What are the enhancements one can do in SAP MM,PP,SD, modules while extracting the data? 0 216
147. How bw was found 0 59
148. Which table contains the exchange rate?
149. What are the size parameters for archiving?
150. What is the propose from statistics for aggregates?
151. What are the monitor settings? 0 197
152. What technology is used in BW archiving?
153. What are the new update methods since PI 2002?
154. What is CO-PA retraction?
155. What are the general restrictions?
156. What is aggregate realignment run maintenance?
157. What is a cell editor?
158. What is the namespace of BW?
159. What are time dependent text/attribute of characteristics?
160. Mention the options available in the transfer rule?
161. What is a control query?
162. What are the update modes available?
163. What is an exception?
164. Give us sample third party ETL tools supported by SAP?
165. Define ODS? Wipro
166. What are the steps to enable delta load for generic data sources?
167. What is the SAP enhancement used for this user exit?
168. What is a characteristics variable?
169. How many dimensions in a cube?
170. Which transaction shows templates for authorizations?
171. What are the important formulas available in BW?
172. How do you enable monitoring using BW statistics?
173. What is DB connect?
174. What are the follow-up actions available for reporting agent?
175. What is direct updating of info objects?
176. What is the component?
177. What are the options for hierarchy node variables?
178. What is high cardinality dimension?
179. What is characteristics derivation?
180. What is the use of setup table?
181. What is a typical setup of BW team?
182. What are the scheduling options for start process?
183. Is it possible to create aggregates for cumulative?
184. What is the web download scheduler?
185. What are the profile parameters for cache?
186. Which transaction defines the background user in source system?
187. What is the use of CO-PA?
188. What is a slowly changing dimension?
189. When should you do the alpha conversion?
190. What is Roll up??
191. How do you handle language dependent texts?
192. What is v1,v2 and v3 updates?
193. What are the naming conventions used for aggregates created from query?
194. What is a line item or degenerate dimensions?
195. What is the naming convention of LIS data source?
196. Can you schedule this in back ground?
197. What is the maximum number of key figures you can have in an info cube?
198. What is LIS?
199. What are the special conversions for time in update rules?
200. What are summarization levels?
201. What are the enhancements available for LIS?
202. Where do you store custom style sheets?
203. Percentage result of overall result (%GT)?
204. What are the steps within SBIW to create classes for BW?
205. What are the settings for web?
206. How would you send e-mail when a process ends?
207. Give examples of old and new (LIS to LO)?
208. How are dimensions optimized?
209. What are the other BW processes?
210. What are value sets?
211. What is hierarchy?
212. What are the settings for Reporting?
213. What are the steps in general to enhance data?
214. What is the difference between defining calculated key figure in info provider level vs query level?
215. Give examples of data sources that support remote cubes?
216. When you write user exit for variables what does I_STEP do?
217. What are the data targets supported by open hub?
218. What is the source for FIAP extractor?
219. What is the transaction code for generic extraction tool?
220. What are the restrictions/recommendations for using remote cube?
221. How do you copy queries?
222. Is it possible to archive Master data or PSA?
223. What are the server related tuning?
224. How do you create event chains?
225. What are the two fact tables?
226. Where will you get more information on the delta methods?
227. What are the aggregation options for key figures?
228. What are the data loading tuning we can do?
229. What is a free characteristic?
230. What are the load process and post processing?
231. How would you analyze the size of fact table vs dimension table using RSRV?
232. What are the general services supported?
233. What are the reporting performances can we do?
234. What is an exception cell?
235. What are the built in javascript functions available to customize your web template?
236. What are the objects that support documentation?
237. What is authorization processing type?
238. What is Open Hub (OH)?
239. What is the transfer routine of the info object?
240. What is the alpha check execution program?
241. Define the record modes for delta?
242. What are text variables?
243. What is virtual info cube with services?
244. How will you get more details on data source and delta modes?
245. What is the data flow from LIS tables to BW?
246. Define the steps necessary to set up CO-PA for BW?
247. What is a repair request?
248. What does the VARIABLE_SCREEN URL parameter do?
249. What are the web related tuning we can do?
250. What file formats are supported?
251. What is SUMRT?
252. What is the format of LO data sources?
253. How do you send XML data to BW?
254. Which report can you use to monitor change run?
255. If you are asked to change the way tables are displayed in web reporting how would you do this?
256. What are variables? TCS
257. What are the options for? Calculate single value as??
258. What is the function module to convert currency?
259. What are the data types allowed for key figures?
260. Give an example of VBA?
261. What are the advantages of BW 3.x web server (WAS)?
262. Where do you find which table is currently being populated (BIW1 or BIW2)?
263. How do you create a reusable structure from a local structure?
264. Give an example of the content key figure OTOTALSTCK (quantity total stock)?
265. Define the database structure in CO-PA?
266. How do you define exception reporting in the back ground?
267. What are the hierarchy relevant parameters?
268. What are the data types supported by characteristics?
269. Describe transfer rules?
270. Can you add data records in the user exit?
271. What is an external hierarchy?
272. What is standard and exception aggregation?
273. What are the parallel processes that could have locking problems?
274. How will you configure BW to load data from data stages?
275. What is the grouping option available when installing?
276. What is compounding?
277. How is ?:? Useful as an authorization value?
278. What is a transactional info cube? How will you report on this?
279. What are the important aggregation usage indicators?
280. Give the steps and tips to load hierarchy data from flat files?
281. What is the precaution you should take when archiving?
282. Distinguish between restoring of Cube and ODS from archive files?
283. Give an example of CO-PA fields at the operating concern that are not replicated?
284. What are the naming conventions for aggregates created from statistics?
285. How will you change the default destination of open hub files?
286. Can you make multi providers and master data as data marts?
287. What are non cumulative key figures?
288. What is SUMCT?
289. Which transaction do you use to do classification on R/3 for BW?
290. How do you start change run?
291. What transaction is used to set the query read mode?.
292. What is the use of BW statistics?
293. How is multi provider different from info set? EDS
294. Describe the new BW 3.x authorizations?
295. What are hierarchy levels?
296. Give some examples of usage of BW statistics reports?
297. How do you convert from LIS to LO extraction?
298. What are the DATA_MODE options in the command line URL?
299. What is compression or collapse?
300. Which transaction can you use to get current statistics data?
301. What is inflow and outflow?
302. Can you give a list of standard web items delivered?
303. What are the user exits within the enhancement?
304. What is info provider documentation?
305. What are the mathematical functions?
306. What are the expressions allowed?
307. Hat is the function module for this user exit?
308. How do you improve the performance when creating setup table?
309. What are the combined tests?
310. What is transactional ODS object?
311. Where do you store your custom images (like logos)?
312. How do you debug user exit?
313. Is the user exit common for all data sources?
314. What are the options available for updates to data target?
315. What is the advantage of CO-PA?
316. What is replacement path?
317. What is an aggregate?
318. What are the options available in update rule?
319. What are the system tools you can use?
320. What is the maximum number of characteristics you can have per dimension?
321. What are the steps to load non cumulative cube?
322. What is the top transaction for extraction?
323. What are the options to convert currency?
324. Can you define aggregates on time dependent navigational attributes?
325. Define a Marker??
326. What is the scope of variables?
327. What is a constant selection?
328. What does the program RSMDCNVEXIT check?
329. What is a SID table and advantages?
330. What are the reporting agent tasks?
331. What is the issued with V3 updates prior to PI 2002?
332. What is the option of ?Pause Automatic Refresh??
333. How is archiving advantageous?
334. How would you change the default template?
335. Give the step by step approach to set up LIS?
336. How is an Extended star schema of BW more advantageous than the star schema?
337. What is a star schema?
338. What are the options for conditions for key figures?
339. What is a source system?
340. Can you restart the conversion?
341. Typically when do you use it? IBM
342. What are the settings for Transport?
343. What is the licensing requirement you should be aware of?
344. What is a structure?
345. What are the options available when you define conditions with respect to characteristics combination?
346. Give some examples of old LIS and new equivalent LO?
347. What are the flags for general reporting?
348. What is I_VNAM?
349. What is the unique data records flag?
350. What is the archival transaction?
351. What is the new features of ODS after version 3.x?
352. Which table has the aggregate status and data?
353. What are the project phases within ASAP?
354. What is the program to maintain change run?
355. What are the added features in 3.x for multi provider?
356. What are the steps to create classes?
357. What is E_T_RANGE?
358. How do you activate personalization for bex?
359. How do you enter documents?
360. What is a number range object?
361. What is a profitability segment?
362. What are the exits available in HRPTDW01?
363. What is an info object?
364. What is automatic loading of similar/identical requests option?
365. What is a time reference characteristic?
366. What are the limitations of line item dimension?
367. Can you partition a cube that has data already?
368. How do you install business content AWB?
369. What are the other tables created for master data?
370. What is the cache monitoring transaction?
371. Define the process of replication?
372. What is info object OTCTAUTHH?
373. What are processing commands?
374. What is the procedure to implement structural authorization in BW?
375. How will you add buttons to a template?
376. How do you replace a query result from a master query to a child query?
377. What is the include program name?
378. How does change run affect aggregate?
379. How does the query calculated?
380. Distinguish between EXOR and OR?
381. Define a data mart?
382. What happens when do you do a init of delta for LIS data source?
383. What are the template options?
384. What is ?User master comparison? In roles?
385. What is the number of decimal places in scaling factor?
386. What are the elementary tests you can run?
387. Define a data source?
388. What are the advantages of new LO extraction?
389. What is the start routine?
390. What is the name restriction on field when you append structure?
391. How do you delete query objects (like workbooks, etc.,) in a single transaction?
392. What is the time distribution option in update rule?
393. What are the versions in objects?
394. What is percentage share?
395. What are the views available for a process chain?
396. What is reconstruction?
397. What is the SAP enhancement of data sources?
398. What is a validity determining characteristic?
399. What are the extractor types?
400. What is the Bex options for characteristics like F4 help for query definition and execution?
401. Define a communication structure?
402. What is user entry?
403. What are the SAP enhancements to enhance HR data?
404. What are the control parameters for data transfer?
405. How do you convert web objects from 2.x to 3.x?
406. What are nodes?
407. How do you get into Open Hub?
408. What are the pre-requisites of DB connect?
409. Define a RSRV?
410. What are intervals?
411. How many LIS structures are created?
412. What are the steps to create DB connect?
413. What are the options to calculate result assumption?
414. What is the library?
415. What is an exception aggregation and give an example?
416. What is the ODS object settings?
417. How do you create/maintain aggregates?
418. What is extraction setup?
419. How to create an info set with info cube?
420. What is translation key?
421. Define the Lis data flow?
422. What is the default web template used in report?
423. How the query from BW is used?
424. What are the query restrictions?
425. What is percentage share of result (%CT)?
426. What are events and how you use it in BW?
427. What is COUNT function?
428. What is alpha conversion?
429. How do you upload currency exchange from a flat file?
430. Does it have delta facility?
431. Define a PSA?
432. What are the data sources supported?
433. What is a reusable structure?
434. What are formula variables?
435. What is a calculated key figure?
436. What is the DIM ID?
437. Give the variable types?
438. What are characteristics values?
439. What are value fields?
440. What are the steps to configure third party (BAPI)?
441. What is the transaction for the Administrator work bench?
442. How will you schedule the job in background? Seal-Infotech
443. What are the variable processing types?
444. What are the nine decision points of data ware housing?
445. What are the delta modes available?
446. What is ?Predefined characteristics??
447. What are the destination target options?
448. What is a condition?
449. What is the procedure to be followed to archive cube?
450. What are the general tuning guidelines?
451. Can you create your own time characteristics?
452. What is L_S_RANGE?
453. How is OLAP application different from OLTP application?
454. What are the delta options available when you load from flat file?
455. When we use condition the totals do not match why?
456. What is the ?$? As an authorization value?
457. Define an info source?
458. Describe a opening balance?
459. Define the update rule?
460. What is update mode for master data?
461. What is table partition?
462. Give some examples of queries delivered with BW statistics?
463. How do you create a value set?
464. What are the other variables?
465. What is a template?
466. Give an example for this URL command?
467. What is a restricted key figure and give an example?
468. What are the settings for data transfer?
469. Can you create aggregate on ODS or multi provider?
470. What is delta update?
471. What is business content?
472. What is the procedure to create a data mart?
473. What is the percentage variance?
474. What are the table structures associated with ODS?
475. How would you re-assign to proper component?
476. Can you disable cache?
477. What is the transaction for LIS?
478. How do you do EURO conversion at the database level?
479. What is the conversion routine for units and currencies in the update rule?
480. When you compressed multiple requests, how would you know which had ?Marker update? Enabled or not?
481. What does a Boolean operator returns?
482. What is the enhancement for user exit for bex reporting?
483. Which transaction on R/3 shows the transactions with pending processes for update?
484. What is the transaction for process chain?
485. What is the source for FIAR extractor from R/3?
486. How do you set up the permitted characters?
487. How the master data is read? Hexaware
488. What is the read mode in generic navigation block web item- read mode specifies
489. What is the transaction to maintain services?
490. What is 1 ROWCOUNT key figure?
491. What are the types of reports you can use in reporting agent?
492. What is SAP exit?
493. How is amount/quantity different from number?
494. When you create a DataSource some flags are attached for each filed; what are they? What are the steps to extract data from R/3
495. When do you recommend high cardinality Vs line item dimension?
496. How would you debug web reports?
497. What are the restrictions DB connect?
498. Why CO-PA is a generic extraction and not a business content extraction?
499. What are the different types of attributes?
500. Explain the display properties?
501. Explain variable offsets?
502. What is a operating concern?
503. What is change run? TCS
504. How would you convert an info package group to a process chain?
505. What is persistence mode in cache?
506. How many types of info sources are there? What are they?
507. Give an example of master data documentation?
508. What are the settings for flat files?
509. What is ASAP?
510. What are the return table options in update rules for key figures?
511. Can you compare the CO-PA to an info cube?
512. What is NDIV0?
513. Define a remote cube?
514. What is a characteristic in CO-Pa?
515. What is global transfer rule?
516. How do you add an entry in the monitor log from the update rules?
517. What are the advantages of using ODS in a infoset for reporting?
518. What is the optional size of the aggregates?
519. What happens when you use several conditions in a query?
520. What is the option ?Default chains??
521. What is a pre-calculated web template?
522. Define an info set?
523. What is the use of change log?
524. What is SUMGT?
525. How do you install BW statistics?
526. What is ?No Marker Update??
527. What is filter area?
528. What are the read modes for query?
529. How do you check the alert monitor?
530. What is delete table before extraction option?
531. What is the cell restriction and the options?
532. How do you use print settings?
533. What is the difference between LIS to LO in init of delta and delta? Dvent-Global-Solutions
534. How will you debug errors with SAP GUI?
535. What is processing type customer exit?
536. What are the Oracle specific tuning should be done?
537. Give an example of it?
538. How do you transform OH data?
539. What is a multi provider?
540. What is a controlling area?
541. Can you do any testing on ODS?
542. Define the upgrade steps to 3.x?
543. How would you know if a segment/segment level entry has been summarized?
544. Where the data is extracted during init of delta and during delta updates?
545. What is the monitor transaction?
546. What are the report-relevant settings in the hierarchy maintenance?
547. Why is one request falls, all the subsequent requests are turned to ?Red? In an info provider?
548. When you fill in the values for selection, what are the options available in general? What are the uses of data marts?
549. What is flexible updating?
550. What are the data target administration tasks?
551. Give overview of each web item?
552. What are the data sources that are supporting non cumulative and give some examples?
553. What are the parameters available in user exit for enhancing master data? What are the objects that support variables?
554. How many extra partitions are created and why?
555. Give a step by step approach for doing retraction?
556. What is scaling factor?
557. What is the transaction to check extractor?
558. What is the safety delta for CO-PA? HCL
559. How do you use the value set in bex query?
560. When coding the ABAP transfer rule, what are the important variables you make?
561. How do you delete change log?
562. Define ?Myself data mart??
563. What is the maximum number of customer defined characteristics allowed?
564. What are the LO extraction transaction?
565. What is a content extraction?
566. In real world when do you recommend aggregate?
567. What are the do?S and don?Ts?
568. What is the attribute only flag?
569. What are the steps to create a generic data source?
570. What is the table filled when you select ABAP?
571. What are the proposal options available?
572. Define an event chain?
573. What is the 90 day rule?
574. What is the transaction to check delta? Accenture
575. What are the options when defining aggregates?
576. What is aggregate hierarchy?
577. What is the standard naming convention of the CO-PA data source?
578. What is the call sequence?
579. What is a template?
580. Can you make an info object as info provider and why?
581. What is ?Filling? Of aggregate?
582. What is early delta initialization?
583. Which R/3 version supports LO extraction? IBM
584. Define a process chain?
585. What is the other flags?
586. What is a class?
587. What is a link node? I-Tech
588. How are security issues debugged?
589. How does it do delta? IBM
590. How do you load exchange information from R/3 to BW?
591. What is type of transfer in transfer rules... Accenture
592. What are data transformation in bw ? Accenture
593. Why u go for aggregate? Tell me one example? Accenture
594. What is variable? Give me one example? I want to display 12 months in a report..? How many variables are used? HP
595. Tell me info object errors? CS
596. What is 0unit of measure? HP
597. What is alpha conversion? U faced any errors in alpha conversion? HP



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